About Us

PT Asia Digital Indonesia is a professional company which is engaged in technology / IT needs Solutions. ASIA DIGITAL INDONESIA already develop digital platforms from various kinds of industrial aspects, namely Marketplace e-Commerce, Online Travel Agent, Digital Payment, Digital Cooperative, Business Community, Social Media, Digital Marketing and many things which has been developed.

Our Value

  • CLIENT FOCUS Clients are prioritized for satisfaction in every collaboration in accordance with the Balance Scorecard business concept

  • INTEGRITY Strengths of quality, performance and synergy with each stakeholder which is built in an integrated manner

  • T E A M W O R Teamwork is the main requirement in building a business and maintaining the trust of every stakeholder

Our Vision

  • Become an information and communication technology company

Our Mission

  • Opening opportunities for business development (entrepreneurship), which is integrated with digital services (online).
  • Providing quality, committed and guaranteed platforms.
  • Helping business actors to increase positive opportunities in terms of material benefits.